What to expect when hiring a butler for the first time

Never hired a butler before? No worries, it may seem intimidating but we have made it a quick and easy process. Whether you are hiring a butler for yourself or your household, we will take you through the things to consider when hiring a butler and what to expect. We have broken the process into 3 easy steps for you to follow: why do you need a butler, what a butler can do, and the hiring process. 


The first step is to understand why you are looking for a butler. This is to get an idea of the tasks and reasons why you require outside help to get these matters done. Some of the questions you can ask yourself are:


  • What are the list of tasks that you or your household have to do?

  • Are these tasks managed well by the current members of the household? If not, what are the tasks that need a little more attention and effort?

  • Would a butler be responsible for all these other tasks that seem to be neglected?

  • What are the particular set of skills you require your butler to have to complete these tasks?


These questions should have helped you gain a clearer image on why you need a butler for yourself or household and the duties they are expected to undertake. 


The second step is to understand what a butler can do for you or your household. This can help you manage your expectations and decide if hiring a butler is the best solution to your problems. Here are some of the typical responsibilities of a butler:


First point of contact.

Most often, the butler is the first point of contact in the household. This may be answering the phones or opening the doors and gates to welcome guests. Butlers are responsible for welcoming members of the household and guests, and other duties such as taking your coat. 

Concierge service and household management.

A butler can provide concierge service to attend to the day to day duties of you and the household. These day to day duties can include the booking of medical appointments or picking up the dry cleaning. They can also be put in charge of managing household staff to ensure things run smoothly in your house. 






Chauffeur service.

Butlers can provide chauffeur service even on a daily basis. They can drop your children off at school and pick them up later. They can also send you to and fro meetings and appointments. Most butlers are equipped to drive and provide valet services. 

Wine and dine.

Due to a butler’s vast network of connections, they will be able to find you a restaurant that is most suited to your needs. You can trust your butler to plan an evening for a business meeting in its entirety and that leaves you to concentrate on preparing yourself for it. 

Travel planning.

Similarly, you can also trust your butler to do the research, plan and book your holidays for you. Butlers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to curate a good unique travel experience for the needs of you and your household. 





Now that you understand what a butler can do for you, you can proceed to consider if the services they provide meet your needs listed out in step one. Next, the third step is to figure out the expectations you have of your butler. You can start by answering the following questions:


  • Do you need a full time, live-in butler in your house? If you do, you have to consider the living arrangements. Where will your butler sleep? Will they be living on the premises and using the facilities? Will these be shared by the whole household? Be very clear about the boundaries you want to set. 

  • Is your butler allowed access to the whole house or are some areas out of bounds? Again, set boundaries and be clear about them. 

  • If you do not need a full time, live-in butler, what are the working hours you require your butler to be present? Communicate clearly on how many hours you require your butler to work. 

  • How independent do you want your butler to be? Do you want to give him/her a set of tasks and let them handle it on their own time or would you rather set a list of tasks daily, weekly or monthly? 

  • Be sure to be clear about all the tasks and expectations you have of your butler. This is so that the butler can manage time properly and decide if his skillset is most appropriate to your needs. 



Now you should be clear on your reasons for hiring a butler and what to expect from one, the next step is to begin the hiring process. There are a few ways that you can find a butler such as through posting an advertisement online or through connections. However an easy way is to hire a professional agency to find or provide the most suitable butler for your needs. 



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